Medford Airport plans new Jetway, third TSA checkpoint after FAA grant

A radio control tower at the Rogue Valley International Airport. (Sammy Shaktah/ News 10)

The Rogue Valley International Airport has been granted money from the Federal Aviation Administration, along with other airports throughout Oregon.

In addition to an over $900,000 grant that was given to the airport last month for its 20-year master plan, the total granted amount from the FAA now totals $1,489,953. It will be used for terminal upgrades to accommodate the increase of travelers this airport has seen. Plans for another jetway are underway to accommodate that high influx of travelers and it is hoped to be implemented into the airport by the end of the year.

"This just gives the airlines another option because there are times when we have two or three mainline aircraft in here - larger aircraft - that would like to use the jetway simultaneously, but since we only have one they pretty much have to wait until the other one leaves or take the other option of using stairs," Airport Director Jerry Brienza said.

He also mentioned that the jetway is favorable because it keeps passengers sheltered from weather conditions. When boarding a plane, it keeps them from facing elements such as rain and cold weather, and prevents the need for stairs.

Additionally, the airport is looking at adding a third TSA checkpoint which will help screen more travelers in the same amount of time. This will promote quicker check-in times and smaller lines for people to wait in at the airport as they go about their travels.

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