Rogue Valley Microdevices partnership with Nanomedical Diagnostics creates breakthrough


By working together, two leading technology companies have found a way to make a product that will study molecules in pharmaceutical experiments.

Nanomedical devices has found a way to use graphene as a reliable electricity conductor at a molecular level, and Rogue Valley Microdevices is manufacturing at a large scale.

The Pharmaceutical industry has taken notice and is using this new way to study molecules in the constant search for new drugs.

This new approach to drug discovery is faster, providing real time results, which will lead to a less expensive end product.

Rogue Valley Microdevices founder & CEO, Jessica Gomez said,

"Graphene is a new material, we're doing a lot of research in graphene its considered in some ways a miracle material we don't know a lot about. It has some interesting properties as I mentioned before its very conductive and its very, very strong."

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