Safe stolen from local business overnight

Toppings lined up at Yogurt Hut in north Medford, the afternoon after the break-in occurred (Georgia Lawson/News 10)

A safe was stole from the Yogurt Hut in north Medford at approximately 1:30 a.m. on Friday.

The suspect was caught on a security camera, smashing the side window, entering, moving to grab the safe from the back of the business, and exiting, all in less than a minute. The suspect's face could not be identified, but Medford Police are investigating.

Yogurt Hut is a local, family-run business, with four stores in the Rogue Valley, the first of which was opened in 2009. Co-founder Drew Aversa says he hopes that if the suspect was struggling financially, they get the help they need, but he wants them to do the right thing and come forward.

"As a business owner, whether it's at your home or your place of work, you truly feel violated that something like this happens, and you know it happens, but when it happen to you, it hits home," Aversa said.

Aversa added it's a particularly tough blow right now. Winters are hard enough as a yogurt shop, and the summer smoke kept people in their homes during their main earning season. Also, as a business with a record of non-profit partnerships and giving, Aversa said that they want to be able to continue to give back, but financial setbacks like this make it difficult.

Aversa said he is grateful the incident happened after hours, so none of his employees were hurt, but he noted that this is a good reminder to business owners everywhere to sit down with employees and have an open dialogue about safety on the job.

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