School bus employees speak out about road safety

KTVL / Jennevieve Fong

Local school bus employees are speaking out about drivers who are putting their students at risk. Arleen Marie is a bus monitor, who rides with students to and from school every day.

While her main responsibility is to watch after children, it's actually other drivers on the road that are causing the biggest problem.

"When cars go speeding by, I usually just blow the horn and hopefully someone pays attention," Marie said. "I have actually started recording them on my phone because it is such a frequent issue."

Cars hat speeding by the bus when they are supposed to come to a complete stop have become regular hazard.

"My job as a driver is to get them to school safely and effectively," bus driver Melissa Tener said. "I can't do that if people are not abiding by the laws."

Their concern is not only for themselves, but mainly for their students.

"I don't want to lose one of my kids," Marie said. "They are all special to me. They all mean the world to me. I don't want to lose one of my kids."

They said it is difficult to report these drivers since they are moving past them so quickly. Tener said they need a description of the car and driver and license plate information for a complete citation.

"They're going so fast," Tener said. "It's hard to even catch a number, let alone a description of that driver."

However, it's not only other drivers that need to slow down. Bus drivers also need to be attentive and drive at the posted speed limit.

"Safety driving for us as well because we have to abide by the rules," Tener said. " Slow down. If you're late, stay late. Don't be in such a hurry that it costs the lives of others."

Tener said the school buses have devices that report how fast they are driving, as well as live video and audio recordings for safety reasons.

Their message to other drivers is to simply to pay attention.

"It might be one of your kids on the bus," Marie said. "It might be your niece or your nephew or your grandchild."

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