School Resource officers continue to see benefits of D.A.R.E

Central Point Police Department. KTVL/ Stephanie Montano

The D.A.R.E program continues to impact students across the nation. In Central Point it continues to have a positive effect. The Drug Abuse Resistance Education program began in the 80's and uses police officers and a school curriculum to give kids warnings about the dangers of drugs.

In 2016 the D.A.R.E program focused on the topic of bullying. Central Point School Resource Officer Jr. Godley said they've seen a big difference ever since.

The new topic that will be coming in February will target opioid abuse.

"We want to let them know that we understand what addiction is about, and what they are going through ," said Godley. "I think that is a huge part about building a relationship with the kids, letting them know that we understand what their family members are going through, and what they are going through as a child of an addict."

All fifth graders in all Central Point Elementary Schools participate in an eleven week D.A.R.E curriculum every year.

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