School zone speed limit is not enforced during the summer months

School Zone Sign (Shelby Reilly/News 10)

During the school year, you may notice 20 mile-per-hour school zone signs posted leading up to campuses like Jackson Elementary School on Summit Avenue in Medford.

This can cause some confusion on whether or not this is enforced all year long, or just while school is in session. The 20 mile-per-hour speed zone is not enforced during the summer months while school is not in session, but people may forget that there may still be kids on the school campus.

"It's always a good idea to remember when school is not in session, kids are around schools. They may be going to school activities or they may be going to meal programs," Sgt. Julie Denney, Jackson County Sheriff's Office, said.

When the school zone is not being enforced the speed limit is whatever the previously posted speed limit was on that particular stretch of roadway.

"Most school zones are in residential neighborhoods anyways so the speed limit is 25, so it's a five-mile-an-hour difference," Denney said.

The YMCA runs different summer programs at different schools in Medford, so keeping their kids safe while people are potentially speeding by is their number one priority.

"Part of our training and implementation of safety is we have a staff stand in the middle of the crosswalk with the line of kids, so the staff is out there first, so that the car will see a person in the middle of the street before we let the line of kids," Bethany Pitts, YMCA Afterschool Director, said.

Pitts is a mother herself, so people speeding past when she is taking her kids to the playground at the school or other activities is a concern.

"I would actually be more cautious during the summer because when they're in school, they're in the building for the most part," Pitts said.

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