Search continues for dog poisoner, while count stays at 3

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Jacksonville Police continue to search for the person behind three dog poisonings in recent weeks.

Three additional dog owners have come forward in the last week, fearing their dogs were poisoned too. However, Jacksonville Police Chief David Towe says he believes these were unrelated to the initial poisonings, and were instead the result of unrelated health issues in each of the dogs.

The police are testing a sample of raw meat left out for one dog to consume, which they believe could be the source of the poison. That sample has been sent to a lab in northern Oregon to be analyzed.

They're also assessing other evidence that could be the source of the poison.

While they don't have those results back yet, and autopsies have not been conducted on the dogs that recently passed away, Towe says he believes the issue is confined to one neighborhood, and includes only the first three reported incidents.

In a Facebook post, Towe says, "we strongly suspect that the three cases reported on and around the 10th are the result of a neighborhood issue," meaning the first three reported are the only ones tied to the poisonings.

That neighborhood in question is the area near Applegate Rd and Graham Rd. While caution never hurts, Jacksonville PD believes the incidences do not stretch further into Jacksonville.

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