Search continues for missing woman after nothing found in pickup pulled from river

After snapping a cable, the tow truck successful pulled a maroon Ford F150 back up to the road around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday.

CORVALLIS, Ore. - The search for a missing Brownsville woman continues after a tow truck pulled the truck she was driving from the Willamette River and found no one inside the vehicle.

Sue Durheim of Brownsville was reported missing after she disappeared on her commute to Corvallis on Monday, authorities in Linn County said.

Search and rescue units in nearby Benton County searched the Willamette River near the Hewlett Packard campus Tuesday and located the vehicle.

The recovery effort was suspended for the night as darkness fell.

Investigators believe the Ford F150 that Durheim was driving crashed into the Willamette River.

A tow truck pulled the pickup from the water on Wednesday. The sheriff's office did not find a body inside.

"There's three of the four windows broken out," Undersheriff Greg Ridler said. "The water is very fast, very swift. The truck went down the river quite a ways, it's very easy to guess that she got out of the vehicle during the roll down the river or when in the river. But right now we don't have anything for sure."

Authorities are meeting to plan the next phase of the search.

Ridler said finding the truck empty has been hard for both Durheim's family as well as the deputies and divers who have worked to locate her.

"It's very difficult. You get a situation you've been working on for a couple of days. You hope for a final resolution, and we're not done yet. We still have job to do," he said. "It's possible we will never find the body and that would be very unfortunate. But right now I'm confident we will give it our best effort."

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