Search underway for suspects in Medford school vandalism

(Medford School District)

Medford Police and Medford School District 549C are asking for the public's assistance in identifying two suspects responsible for vandalizing two Medford schools.

The first incident was reported on Monday when two suspects tagged North Medford High School baseball complex and some areas of Lone Pine Elementary.

On Tuesday, the suspects returned with time Lone Pine receiving the majority of the damage.

"Bathroom doors, outdoor hallways, sheds, sidewalks, and playground equipment were all spray-painted. Today kids came to school to find the graffiti, which is honestly pretty creepy," Natalie Hurd, Medford School District Communication and Public Relations Specialist said.

North Medford baseball coach and teacher, Brett Wolf, says they did not believe the two suspects caught on surveillance video were students until Tuesday night when the message "school makes me upset" was spray painted.

"I hope the solution is that we find whoever is having these difficulties and feels like they need to express it that way and then figure out some kind of resolution for them but then let our staff and our paint crew, those people go back to work helping kids and the community.," said Wolf.

Anyone with information is asked to call Medford Police.

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