Seasonal firefighters begin their training to combat fire season

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Fire season has officially started and new recruits are doing everything that they can to prepare.

The Oregon Department of Forestry’s seasonal firefighters started their training on June 11th. Roughly 50 candidates are participating and for some, this is their first exposure to firefighting techniques and procedures.

“The first two days are classroom training so we're in there with some instructors who have been out on the fire lines for 20 years and we have some books and we're just going through those things... watching some videos," Natalie Weber, Public Information Officer for ODF tells News 10. "On Thursday and Friday they're going to get out in the field and actually do some of these techniques that they're learning and get some hands on experience."

Although this will be a first experience for some, the training will give every candidate the necessary tools to be a successful firefighter, and be able to be safe while doing so.

“They will have the basic knowledge and understanding of what they’re going to see out there, and the types of techniques that we use and the things that they’re going to be doing out on the line. It’s also for safety, so they know what is to be expected of them and be able to point out when something is not okay," Weber said.

This training will conclude at the end of the week which will provide the firefighters not only a certificate, but also the skills needed to take on fire season at the front lines.

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