Secretary of Interior visits, reviews Cascade Siskiyou Monument

Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke (left) and Rep. Greg Walden [right] (R-Hood River) discuss the Cascade-Siskiyou Monument on Saturday. (KTVL/Mike Marut)

Jackson County, Ore. - As part of President Trump's executive order back in April, Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke has been visiting 27 monuments around the country - the Siskiyou Cascade Monument is one of them.

On Saturday, Zinke met with Friends of the Cascade-Siskiyou Monument, Bureau of Land Management staff (including the Oregon State Director, the district leadership, a local Interpreter, and the Artist in Residence), industry leaders from timber, forestry, ranching, agriculture and snowmobiling and small business owners with businesses near the monument.

Zinke must determine if all the land claimed by the monument serves its purpose as preserving the right object with the least amount of land. He admits the Cascade Siskiyou Monument differs greatly from the others he has visited.

"Biodiversity is the object," Zinke said in a press conference, "So how do you protect that biodiversity and how do you make sure the proclamation looks at that? That's what I'm evaluating."

On Sunday, Zinke will meet with Governor Kate Brown, Soda Mountain Wilderness Council, the Klamath Tribes and the Jackson County Commissioners.

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