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Selma farmer raises livestock guardian dogs

KTVL / Jennevieve Fong
KTVL / Jennevieve Fong
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After recent cougar sightings and attacks, residents are left wondering how to protect themselves. Dogs from Tons of Noise farm serve as both a friend and a defense against wildlife predators.

"Their level of intelligence, their protective instinct... They're gentle, affectionate, but when you need them to, they are fierce and protective," Jensen said.

Selma farmer Holly Jensen is raising puppies into predator guardian dogs, in order to defend families from bears, cougars, and other livestock.

"I've had somebody say that they've had a cougar roaming their property and their dog went through it and they never saw the cougar again," Jensen said.

Jensen said guardian dogs are the most humane form of protection against dangerous animals.

"Unless you want to sit out on your porch with a shotgun or a rifle all night long, you are not going to be able to keep your eye out on everything and a lot of people have cameras set up and they see after the fact," Jensen said.

With a dozen puppies on her land, she uses them to keep her own farm animals and family safe.

"He goes around our property and marks out territory so no other animals will get in," Jensen's daughter Pixie said.

Jensen said the best thing they provide their owners is some piece of mind.

"I absolutely don't worry about bears, I don't worry about mountain lions," Jensen said. "My dogs bark when they need to let me know that something is happening, otherwise they're not big barkers and they make me feel safe. They take care of my animals, they take care of my kids,they take care of my property. "

Jensen is teaming up with the Oregon Cougar Action Team to provide watchdogs for low-income families as extra security.

"They've started a GoFundMe page to raise money to give my puppies to some of the lower income farmers who really want to have this option for protection but really can't quiet make it on their own," Jensen said.

The Oregon Cougar Action Team is an educational foundation, dedicated to the preservation of the state's cougar, bear and wolf populations and their ecosystems. You can donate to the foundation's GoFundMe page to help provide dogs for these families.

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