Ashland Democratic senator opposed to Governor recall

Ashland Democratic State Sen. Jeff Golden doesn't believe a recall petition is the way to combat Gov. Kate Brown's policies.

After the Cap and Trade debate in Salem, some tensions are still lingering about as Republican leadership in the legislature are preparing a recall petition against Gov. Kate Brown.

Oregon State Senator Jeff Golden, a Democrat from Ashland, said he has issues with a petition even as some in his party said she shouldn't continue in office.

In order for this petition to move forward, around 280,000 signatures would be needed by a 90-day deadline which would set for October 14th.

If this were to move forward in Salem, the governor could then choose to accept it and leave the office, or a special election would then be held.

Senator Golden said this is not the best way to approach disagreements with the governor.

"That's not the way this works," Golden said. "I really encourage the people who are unhappy with the governor to find legislative candidates they really believe in, to run themselves perhaps, or find people they believe in to run next year to have a stronger presence in the legislature."

According to the Secretary of State's Office, the petitions to recall those in public office could only be done after they've served at least six months of their current term.

July 15th would be the soonest this process could begin.

Brown is Oregon's 38th person to hold the office and her term expires in 2022.

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