Seniors upset about changes to senior program

Seniors upset about changes to senior program

The Ashland Senior Program Advisory Committee and Parks and Recreation met Monday night to speak about recommendations about the Ashland Senior Program.

News 10 has been following this story since word got out about re-organizing the program by the parks and rec department.

Recently, one full-time employee and four part-time employees were laid off because of the expanding efforts.

A referral specialist was added and works once a week to help those in need.

Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Commission, Mike Gardiner says they plan on hiring new employees depending on what the budget allows.

This does not sit well with a group called Support our Seniors, who picketed outside before the start of the meeting. They also spoke during public comments.

They say the laid off employees had a combined 72 years of experience, and have been able to recognize what seniors need just minutes after visiting them.

The group Support our Seniors have started a petition to recall three parks and rec committee commissioners. For more information about Support our Seniors, and their efforts, click here.

There have been listening sessions and public comment hearings for residents to tell the Parks and Rec Commission what they would like for the program.

There is a survey that will be available January 10th through the 26th for the public to weigh in, click here to find out how to participate.

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