Shady Cove states opposition to proposed LNG pipeline


Plenty of landowners, activists, and other individuals have expressed their opposition to this pipeline, which spans more than 230 miles of Oregon land.

But with the route passing just outside of shady cove city limits, the city is adding their voice to the mix.

Tonight Shady Cove City Council moves to formally oppose the proposed pipeline.

"Our responsibility is to the citizens of Shady Cove and the businesses. And this is bad for the majority of citizens in Shady Cove, and is not healthy for the businesses. It can affect tourism, it affects fishing, it affects hotels, it affects restaurants," says Tom Sanderson, Mayor of Shady Cove.

One concern is the effect on local landowners, whose property would be forced out of their hands if along the pipeline route.

Another fear is that the pipeline will pollute or otherwise alter water sources, something local industry relies heavily on.

However the developer behind the project insists that they will take sufficient precautions.

The mayor says that he has received countless complaints about the project and hopes that by stating the city's unified opposition they can draw more attention to the damage it would cause.

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