Sheriff's office seized drugs and stolen firearm

Courtesy: Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office

On Tuesday, August 28, 2019, the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office seized, 1,766 illegal marijuana plants in the Butte Valley area of Siskiyou County.

In addition to the plants seized, 100 pounds of processed marijuana were seized, along with equipment used for illegal drug operations.

Some of the processed marijuana was already packaged in three-pound bags for illegal transportation and sale.

In a separate counter-drug operation, conducted on August 21, 2019, detectives served a search warrant on a parcel in the 15,000 block of Old 99 Highway in the Grenada area, where four illicit marijuana gardens were located.

436 illegal marijuana plants and one stolen firearm were seized in that operation.

Three arrests were also made.

Combining May, June, July, and August enforcement totals, SIMIT has seized 32,788 illegal marijuana plants.

Charges are pending against property owners implicated in the drug trafficking operations.

“This counter-drug operation, which resulted in the seizure of 1,766 illicit marijuana plants this week and 436 illegal plants last week combined with the 100 pounds of processed, marijuana, some of which was packaged for transportation and sale in three-pound bags, was a significant accomplishment for the two separate counter-drug operations. Several firearms have also been seized in recent weeks, " according to Sheriff Jon Lopey.

Siskiyou County officials have enacted an ordinance that prohibits all outdoor marijuana cultivation in county areas and growers are limited to 12-plants inside an approved structure, for medical marijuana.

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