UPDATE: Talent short term rental ordinance delayed

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Talent City Council meeting Tuesday adjourned during the discussion of the short-term rental ordinance. Now the council will have to decide how to proceed, either to continue with a first reading or table the item.

According to a city official, a number of citizens spoke on the ordinance but the council decided not to extend the meeting further than two short periods Tuesday which halted the public discussion.

This will mark the third time the Talent City Council reviewed the amendment due to the high level of interest surrounding the topic.

Amending the city ordinance could lead to popular rental services like Airbnb to enter the city of Talent by allowing residents to rent their property for a short period of time.

Residents and elected officials have reservations to allow rental services to operate within the city, one of which is the desire to create a stable housing market.

Talent city officials have said that allowing short-term rental services to operate within the city would have a negative effect on the already delicate housing market.

A proposed requirement that would resolve that issue suggested by city council and citizen commentators include prohibiting the rental an entire dwelling unit and making 270 days the maximum amount of time allowed as a resident of a short-term rental.

Talent community members that spoke during the last few meetings also noted that noise is likely to be an issue to which the city suggest setting up a short term rental telephone line for the first few years of the ordinance as a way for residents to register noise complaints.

Talent residents also noted that the parking requirements for short-term rental tenants are too strict as they were during the first draft of the ordinance, to which Talent recommended, having different parking requirements in a commercial district but the requirements are to stay the same for residential neighborhoods.

UPDATE: Story updated to reflect 2/6/19 city council actions.

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