Siskiyou County outnumbered by illegal marijuana grows

Trailers of illegal Marijuana that was cut down and taken away to be destroyed. (Carsyn/News 10)

Staffing levels, the number of illegal marijuana grows and red tape continue to challenge northern California authorities.

Siskiyou County Sheriffs Office said they write warrants for illegal Marijuana grows once a week. According to Captain Karl Houtman, Siskiyou County Sheriffs Office, there's thousands of Illegal Marijuana grow sites in the county.

"We've been able to write warrants to about 5-10% of Illegal grow sites in our area. Siskiyou county is the fifth largest county in California," said Captain Houtman.

The illegal grow problem is growing, and they don't have enough staff to stop the issue.

"There's only three of us on the team right now writing search warrants for the entire county. There's several thousand, at least a couple thousand, illegal marijuana grows in the county," said Capt. Houtman.

Despite having little resources to stop all illegal grows but the time and money is worth the effort, according to Sheriff Jon Lopey.

"This is a very expensive sophisticated operation. It has nothing to do with medicinal or recreational marijuana. This is a criminal enterprise here a drug trafficking operation and these marijuana products are going out of state," Lopey said.

According to the Siskiyou Inner Agency Marijuana Investigation Team, they have seized well over 13,000 illegal marijuana plants, and well over 16,000 pounds of processed marijuana from illegal marijuana grow sites.

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