Smoke affecting summer-time businesses

Smoke affecting summer-time businesses

Cecilia St. King, and her friend are getting ready for a day out in the water.

"We're excited because we've been here all summer and haven't had the chance to go rafting," says St. King.

There's just one problem, the smoke, but that's not going to let some ashes get in the way of St. King's fun.

"It's now or never. Even though it's raining ashes, we're like who cares, we're going," says St. King.

Not everybody is okay with the smoke.

"The last 10 days, were probably down 40 to 50%," says Dennis Hall, who works at Raft the Rogue. "The particulates in the air, it's raining ash right now."

"We were setting records for most of the summer as far as people processed through here," says Hall.

He says all this smoke, shouldn't be hurting business.

"There's a layer in the river 2 to 4 feet taller than rapids, where the water washes out all the particulates," says Hall. "You can't smell the fire, you can't see it, it was actually clearer on the river."

The lack of people coming to go rafting, has affected sales.

"It cuts into profits and these are seasonal businesses, you make your profits in three to four months and whenever you come to a period of no profits, especially coming now at the end of season, it hurts," says Hall.

At least Raft of the Rogue has customers like St. King.

"It's life," says St. King, sometimes you get a sunny day, sometimes you get a foggy day, and sometimes you get a smokey day. We're going to do what we're going to do, and enjoy the day and be on the water and it's exciting."

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