Snow angel challenge keeps a family close

Courtesy Sherry Roberson

Rogue Valley residents got out and enjoyed the snow this past weekend.

Sherry Roberson and her family moved to Medford from northern Indiana 9 years ago for work. Missing the snow and wanting to keep in contact with family back home and in Colorado, she began the snow angel challenge. The rules are simple.

“The first snowfall you get, you make a snow angel and you send pictures or videos to the next person to challenge them to do it," Roberson said.

She says her aunt in Colorado always starts off with the first snowfall, then it goes to Indiana, and then to her, for the most challenging angel.

Living here, she says she sometimes has to go to the mountains just to find enough snow, but Sunday, she got lucky, getting up at 6 a.m. and heading out make her own angel.

Roberson says there are no rules, but creativity gets you bonus points.

She even challenged a friend in Florida, saying sand is a perfectly good substitute.

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