Snow, icy roads cause local families to avoid driving

Aerial image of snowfall covering White City on Sunday (Courtesy of Adrian Hunter-Williams)

"We were totally unprepared, no chains, no studs," White City resident Patrick Oropallo said.

With snow falling on ice-covered Rogue Valley roadways, drivers are reminded to expect slick driving conditions on all highways. Oropallo and other residents stayed close to home during the winter storm to avoid driving on the wet roads.

"It looked icy so we wanted to stay close to home, but also take advantage of a few snowmen when we could outside," Oropallo said.

14-year-old Adrian Hunter-Williams said he could not wait to go outside and enjoy the winter weather.

"I was like I've got to go outside," Hunter-Williams said. "I just checked the window and it was covered with snow, so I took my dog outside and we just rode around for a least two-and-a-half hours."

While playing outdoors, Hunter-Williams said there were not a lot of others outside or on the roads.

"When I got out, there were no tire tracks on the road or anything," Hunter-Williams said. "There's just a lot more snow than I expected. Everybody is just not outsidethey're inside staying warm, but me, I just go outside because it's fun."

He said this snow is just a part of living in the Rogue Valley.

"I love southern Oregon and the fact that we get four distinct seasons," Oropallo said. "It's nice to have snow. I don't like when it stays, but it's nice to have it for a short amount of time."

However, most of Sunday's snow melted away before the end of the day.

"Seems like that's standard for southern Oregon," Oropallo said. "It comes hard and fast and then it goes away, but it was a blast."

The National Weather Service said more snow is expected, with more active weather coming later in the week.

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