Snow removal complete; Bear Camp Road open for travel

Bear Camp Road Snow Removal (2).jpg

Snow removal on Bear Camp Road (FS Road 23) in Curry and Josephine Counties has been completed by U.S. Forest Service.

"Following the completion of snow removal on May 15th, Bear Camp Road is open for public travel for the recreation season," U.S. Forest Service - Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest said in a social media posting. "A road crew from the U.S. Forest Service - Umpqua National Forest completed the plowing on Wednesday, removing what remained of the road’s winter snowpack."

The gates on the Galice Access Road will be open May 23rd.

USFS is reminding people that not all Forest and BLM Oregon & Washington roads have been maintained or checked after the winter season.

"Motorists are advised to drive with caution and avoid using less-traveled roads, particularly earlier in the season before all road surfaces are thoroughly dry."

USFS personnel advise traveling motorists to be prepared:

  • Good preparation and driving habits are important when traveling on forest roads, as weather and road conditions may change rapidly.
  • Be prepared with extra blankets, food and water, clothing, and emergency equipment.
  • When driving, keep lights on, drive slowly and be prepared to stop for oncoming traffic, particularly on blind corners.

U.S. Route 199 and U.S. Highway 101 are recommended for trailers, motor homes, and oversized vehicles year-round and for all vehicular travel during winter months.

For additional information on the Bear Camp Road and current road status, contact the Gold Beach Ranger District (541-247-3600), Grants Pass Interagency Office (541-471-6500) or Wild Rivers Ranger District (541-592-4000).

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