SOAR holds a rehabbed fawns fundraiser

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner) 

ASHLAND, Ore. - The only facility within a 500-mile radius that tends to injured fawns asked the community for help this evening.

The Southern Oregon Animal Rehabilitation Wildlife Center, otherwise known as SOAR, released it's 7 rehabilitated fawns at a fundraising event at longsword vineyard.

Each of these fawns were nursed back to health over a period of about four months each costing upwards of $2,500, which is why the founder reached out to the community for support.

"Donations are really down this year, we just haven’t really I think got the word out about we're doing because we're very busy because of course because it's only volunteers and inters at SOAR so we're busy taking care of all the fawns and all the other mammals that we get in," said Tiffany Morey, the SOAR Wildlife Center founder

By purchasing $15 dollar tickets at LongSword Vineyard, community members were able to interact with the fawns before they were released and enter in a raffle to own one by naming it and receiving a status update when their tags are spotted in the wilderness.

To donate, click here.

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