SOU aims to break down stereotypes with new program

ASHLAND, Ore. - A new program at Southern Oregon University is aiming to break down stereotypes.

The campaign is called Raiders Don't Hate.

Thomas Arce who is the coordinator says it's a trans-media campaign to explore individual identities.

Jamani LaShawn who is involved in the program says what the program means to her.

"This program was allowing folks to take hold of the identities that they have and say 'here they are', I'm still me, I'm still human, I'm still one of your peers, I'm still your neighbor," LaShawn said.

Photos of people involved were taken of students holding a board with a statement and released Monday. Students say it's already making a difference.

So far, there are about 120 students involved.

For more information, you can go to the Raiders Don't Hate Facebook page by clicking here.

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