SOU hosts their first Preview Day of 2019

SOU Preview Day

Prospective students met in the Stevenson Union on the Southern Oregon University campus Friday for the first Preview Day of 2019.

A Preview Day is a day in which Administrators can provide an overview of the programs at the university and Raider Ambassadors can share their insights with future students, of 2019.

Marjorie Miller, a sophomore and Raider Ambassador, explains that Preview Day is "an exciting opportunity for students to just come and get a glimpse of what life would be like here on campus if they do decide to come here."

"Also, it's to meet faces that they could potentially see again when they come back," Miller said. Her coworker, Isabella Imperial, chimes in, "I did it myself 4 years ago and that's why I ended up coming to SOU."

Two years ago Imperial gave Miller a tour of SOU at a Preview Day. "It was exciting to see [Isabella] there and then come to SOU and get the job here. It's been a cool cycle."

They were expecting around 500 prospective students to be on campus. "It's one of our bigger days," says Miller.

SOU will be hosting a preview weekend March 8th and 9th as well as another Preview Day on April 5th.

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