S.O.U. newspaper students hoping for community support

Students of "The Siskiyou," Southern Oregon University's online newspaper, gathered in the Ashland Plaza to make their voices heard and ask the community to support them as the paper transitions from a college course to a campus club (KTVL/Justin Matthews).

ASHLAND, Ore.- Southern Oregon University students enrolled in the school's newspaper, "The Siskiyou," had an unusual editorial meeting Wednesday evening.

Students gathered in the Ashland plaza to make their voices heard, after SOU announced this would be the last term where newspaper students will be earning college credit.

"It's a little hectic, this on top of graduation is a little much trying to get all the meetings and everything but I'm fully confident that it'll work out as a club and journalism will be alive and well at SOU," said Eli Stillman, the Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper.

The university is no longer offering it as a college class because of low-enrollment.

"The Siskiyou isn't being done away with by the University, it's simply being de-coupled from an academic course which has time and time again been unable to meet the minimal enrollment threshold required under our retrenchment plan," said Ryan Brown from SOU.

The students hope to make "The Siskiyou," a club. That way, they can still receive student funding.

A lot of work still needs to be done, but "The Siskiyou" is in the process to transition into a club as soon as possible, Stillman said.

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