Southern Oregon University students trying to save online student newspaper

SOU's online student newspaper is raising money to stay afloat at (KTVL/Justin Matthews)

ASHLAND, Ore.- Southern Oregon University's online newspaper "The Siskiyou" will no longer be offered as a college course after this term.

This leaves newspaper staff with having to find other ways of funding the publication.

School administration says this decision was made because the course has low enrollment, averaging about ten students per term.

"My fear is that it might just turn into a student blog and I don't want that to happen, we are producing really good work, we have really good writers," said Hannah Jones, a staff writer for "The Siskiyou."

One option for the paper's future is transitioning it from a college course to a club on campus.

There's currently a "Gofundme" account set up.

Here's the link to donate:

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