Southern Oregon University Plans for More Negotiations

Faculty will begin negotiating again in January or February, Dec. 15th 2015, (KTVL/Megan Allison)

ASHLAND, Ore. -- A mediator has been called in at Southern Oregon University. They're helping with negotiations that broke off last week, involving SOU administration and the Faculty Union Association of Professors.

These negotiations began in June. Staff has threatened to go on strike if administration goes ahead with their final offer. The chief negotiator said the main points of disagreement have been policies regarding layoffs, retirement, and salary.

"The main issue...although there are others...but the main issue to be economics. That still are...that still is outstanding," said Brian Caufield.

The negotiator said the talks are almost at a resolution with layoffs and retirement. Salary continues to be the biggest conflict. He said he's optimistic that a resolution will be found when talks resume in January or February.

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