Spring is almost here, but road dangers remain

Spring driving hazards in Medford, Oregon. (Rebecca Flora/News 10)

Spring is almost upon us and when the sun comes out, so do additional driving hazards.

Sgt. Trevor Arnold with Medford Police says there is an increase in pedestrian-related accidents during this time of year. He encourages pedestrians to use sidewalks, cross walks, and look before crossing roads.

He reminds drivers to slow down, be cautious, and refrain from cell phone use while driving.

“The biggest issue we have nowadays is people driving too fast and often being distracted and talking on their cell phones,” says Arnold.

He says these issues exist year-round, but now that the weather is warmer more people are out walking, cycling, and driving motorcycles. With more activity on the road, drivers should use caution getting to their destinations.

In addition to pedestrian and cyclist activity, other road hazards to be aware of include:

Animal activity, especially in the morning and evening. Spring time means animals are out looking for food and transitioning out of hibernation. You can expect animals like deer to be more active in Spring, so slow down, use headlights, and watch the sides of the road for wildlife.

Motorcycles - warm sunny skies mean more motorcycles on the road. Drivers remember to share the road and allow for increased following distance. Motorcycles can stop much faster than most cars, so the more reaction time you leave yourself, the better.

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