Storms threaten the containment of the Blanket Creek Fire

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

PROSPECT, Ore. - More than 700 crews are out battling the Blanket Creek Fire, which is 4,739 acres.

The southernmost part of the fire is just six miles away from the community.

"Prospect is down there to the south so you know the community is most concerned, is it moving towards Prospect," said Cheyne Rossbach, the fire public information officer.

This week's lighting storms gave crews a scare as spot fires started even further south from the blanket creek fire line.

"That potentially breached that containment line we put down there," said Rossbach.

Bucket drops and extra crews have once again secured that area but the threat for more sparks remains.

"Turning towards thunder storm activity with lots of lightening has really made the problem worse," said Scott Carpenter, the incident meteorologist.

The campsite will transition to a type one team by Thursday, having the maximum amount of resources on hand, like on-site weather detection to ensure crew safety.

"We're looking at things like the lightening potential, the threat for strong winds that may knock down trees…and then we'll use the radio to contact the folks that are even out on the night shift," said Carpenter.

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