Students plan 103-mile run to campaign against bullying


Students will run up, down, and around the Rogue Friday morning to bring awareness to bullying.

Hidden Valley High School students planned a relay run to span 103 miles, and they're calling it Project H.A.L.T, which stands for "Helping All Local Teens".

Teacher and executive director of the Josephine County Foundation, a student-run non-profit, Chris Pendleton, came to JCF junior Averie Richterand asked if she could help plan his 103 mile run idea. Four months later, Richter with the help of other JFC students Sayge Pereira and Garret Marcoulie completed the massive project that involves all five Josephine County high schools and Rogue River High School in Jackson County.

"[Pendleton] came to me last May and said "Avery, I want you to be the lead of this project. It's a 103 mile relay run for an anti-bullying campaign," and I was like, oh my gosh, that's a big project," Richter says.

The relay will include many county-wide students who will run through all of the participating high schools.

Pendleton wanted to literally, and figuratively, connect all of the schools in the area through an relay run.

"I decided that it would be fabulous for our community to know about it, and we needed to pass the torch from school to school," Pendleton says.

The students researched that 49% of students between grades 4 -12 are being bullied, and they're fighting for that to change.

"Bullying is a really big problem in our community," Marcoulie says. "We see a lot of it on Facebook and on Instagram, and we also see it in our schools. Everything isn't physical bullying like it used to be in our movies. But there is a lot of verbal abuse in our schools in our counties, and it needs to stop."

The run will start at 8 a.m Friday at two different locations for the sake of time: Hidden Valley High School and Grants Pass High School.

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