Students work on deer mockumentary

"The Deer Whisperer" was shot this week by students in a film class at SOU. (KTVL/Will Maetzold)

ASHLAND, Ore. -- Students at Southern Oregon University are getting experience this week on a real-world film set. They are working alongside professionals in the making of "The Deer Whisperer."

The short film is the idea of SOU professor Howard Schreiber and is one way to tell the story of Ashland's deer population.

"I definitely think this will open their eyes as to what careers are available," Schreiber said. "What it takes to work on a film set as well as the vast opportunity of jobs that are out there in the industry."

Schreiber and the students have found a way to both have fun with the topic and also have a great educational opportunity.

"It's about the human side, left and right with the deer," director of photography Calvin Kennedy said. "That's really the meat of the story."

Students are filming scenes of deer in town on their own, but professionals are helping with the scenes shot on sets.

Schreiber first developed the story of the film last fall. He worked with students in his class to help provide them a hands-on role.

"It's been an interesting experience doing that," Kennedy said. "But I'm very impressed with the students. They have the passion and drive to go on in this business."

Schreiber said the students are catching on.

"They're dedicated, they're hard working," he said. "They're working the full days, they're doing what they're told and they're learning in the process so I'm delighted by their effort."

Schreiber plans to enter the film into the Ashland Independent Film Festival.

The expected premiere for the film will be in September.

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