Study: Distracted driving results in 60% of fatal crashes

Cell phone demonstration for distracted driving (KTVL / Ashley Carrasco)

MEDFORD -- A study by Southern Oregon University reveals 60% of deadly crashes in Oregon are caused by distracted driving.

The survey was sponsored by the Oregon Department of Transportation and Southern Oregon University's Graduate School of Business.

A local crash victim said he was sad to hear the statistics.

"It doesn't have to be this way. So much can change if people can pay attention," said Levi Landes.

In August 2014 Landes woke up in the hospital and was told he was hit by a guy who had been on his phone. More than a year and a half later, Landes is still in physical therapy and needs to use a cane. He said not only are he and his loved one's struggling, but he almost has pity for the driver because now he is "dealing with the psychological strain on his conscious."

"The call and text can wait," Landes said. "It just rolls up into this big ball of hassle and pain and hatred and struggle that doesn't have to be there."

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