Sugar Pine Company Cafe raises money for PKAN research


One of your holiday purchases could make a world of a difference for the one Butte Falls family.

Sugar Pine Company Cafe is helping to raise money for Carter Anderson, a nine-year-old boy fighting a rare neuromuscular disease called PKAN.

The cafe has Christmas trees people can pick up with any donation amount given to the Spoonbill Foundation. The proceeds fund a research trial to help find a cure for Carter's disease.

"By donating, you're literally saving lives by helping this trial come together in the next few months," Carter's mother Courtney Anderson said.

While a small donation may not seem like a lot, Courtney said every dollar helps.

"This trial is a revolutionary trial that we're fundraising for because we're not using big pharmaceutical companies," Courtney said. "It's strictly on donations and fundraising efforts."

Cafe owner Cory Hamann said the community loves supporting a local family in need.

"We love to keep our money in between the cattle guards of our town and support the people that are here locally," Hamann said.

Hamann said they have collected at least $800 for the foundation so far since Thanksgiving.

"People drive up here just to buy a tree," Hamann said. "There was one envelope, underneath the door this morning, with a $100 in it."

Courtney said Carter used be the only person in the state with the disease, but there are now three documented cases of PKAN in Oregon. She said the community has always been supportive of Carter since the beginning.

"Words can't even describe what this town has done for our family and PKAN research," Courtney said. "As soon as we got diagnosed, we weren't even home from Portland yet and we had fundraisers already going."

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