Summer Meals for Oregon Kids prepares for meal program

Summer Meals for Oregon Kids prepares for meal program

School's almost out, which can be a good or bad thing for parents.

"Oregon has a really high rate of hunger and currently over 50% of our kids qualify for free meals at schools," said Annie Kirschner, Executive Director at Partners for A Hunger Free Oregon.

Those free meals help families out during the school year, but can leave them struggling during the summer.

Summer meal programs like Summer Meals for Oregon Kids help with that.

"This program is pretty great as in it's open to the entire community and it is a drop in program," said Kirschner.

She says meal sites are located at about 900 places across the state in neighborhoods where there are a high number of kids who qualify for free lunch during the school year.

"At parks, YMCA's, libraries, churches. We try to make sure they are in all the different places where kids are spending time during the summer," said Kirschner.

The program also offers a place for kids to come and have fun.

"They are places where kids can drop in a take part in fun activities, spend time doing arts and crafts and reading and have a safe place to go in the summer," said Kirschner.

The program has been around since the 60's and require volunteers to make it happen.

"There are still communities in Oregon that don't have meal programs available. It's kind of a unique program because there's government funding for it, but for it to work, a local organization has to come forward and offer to host it and help run it and prepare the meals," said Kirschner.

The program is free. The program starts withing a week of school ending. For information about times and places, click here.

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