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Sun God Medicinals' CBD oil is now USDA certified Organic

Riche Garza
Riche Garza
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Sun Breeze Incorporated has two processing facilities one which specializes in organic herbal and hemp products and the other is part of the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) marijuana division, which allows hemp products to be brought in to the OLCC system.

OLCC is now allowing organic certification to go into the retailers.

"Its my understanding that our infused herbal oil products that we just launched are the very first certified organic hemp products in the OLCC system,” Brie Malarkey CEO and founder of Sun Breeze Incorporated said.

“Our hemp products have been extracted in a certified organic facility but we couldn't put the organic label on it until the certifying agency allowed it," Malarkey said.

"We've been certified organic since 2016 for our herbal products division like our herbal teas that have hops chamomile and lemon balm but Oregon Tilth who is a USDA organic certifier was not willing to certify hemp products until recently and that’s because of the federal issues with hemp and then starting in the summer of 2018 they were willing to start certifying our products and we were immediately wanting to get that certification so we can add that to our hemp," Malarkey said.

Brie Malarkey is backed by a collective of whole plant herbalist who selectively extract and blend more than fifty different herbs and plants one of which is hemp.

"We are getting as much as we can from the plant and everything it wants to give to be able to capture that oil,” Malarkey said.

“It’s CBD (Cannabidiol) rich but it also has CBG (Cannabigerol) and trace amounts of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) that’s allowed by law and other cannabinoids for whole plant wellness we are not an isolate or distillate company we are a whole plant herbal company," Malarkey said.

According to Malarkey, There are more than 120 known cannabinoids in cannabis but the dominant one’s people know of like THC is the part that makes the cannabis plant a marijuana crop.

If a plant has more than .3% THC, by law, it is considered marijuana less than that the plant is considered hemp.

They both feed up into the cannabis saliva family, they are the same species but differ in legal definitions based on he percent of the THC.

"What we’re finding when we’re extracting, is cannabis is rich in CBD," Malarkey said.

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