Local teachers rally for student funding

Community members and teachers gathered to show solidarity for student funding. (Marissa Olid/ News 10).

Schools all throughout Southern Oregon held a walkout on Wednesday, May 8th, to use their voice that student funding is desperately needed.

Teachers, students, and community members gathered at Central High School today in Medford to stand together and show their solidarity. Those in attendance wore red for education and carried signs to show support.

The Medford School District compromised with teachers to allow them to participate in a rally after school so classes wouldn't have to be canceled unlike schools in Klamath Falls.

"It was a compromise so we agreed that students would receive all of their learning for their day and then the district agreed that we would be able to come down here as soon as kids were out so that we could all come together for a really important cause," said Jessica Fitzsimmon, a kindergarten teacher at Wilson Elementary School.

All schools in the Medford School District participated in the rally ranging from elementary to high schools.

Teachers are hoping to regain some of the budget cuts that have impacted students throughout the years. They would like to gain smaller class sizes, nurses and counselors as some schools only have counselors for half a day per week.

"Not only are we educating them but we are also taking care of all their needs," Fitzsimmon said.

Fitzsimmons said it is important that the community understand that this is about the students.

"It's not about the teachers, it's not about teacher pay. It's about the students and what they need and what they've had taken away from them over the years. We are really just trying to get some of those services back for them," Fitzsimmons said.

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