Preparing for "The Big One"

(KATU photo)

A small series of tremors along the Oregon Coast have many wondering when will "the big one" strike. No one may ever know the answer but it's never a bad idea to prepare in case of emergencies.

The small earthquakes have happened as a result of tectonic plates slowly slipping past each other.

With the big one on everyone's minds, chances are many may not be prepared or know how to evacuate if needed. However, those small earthquakes are a reminder to start building a kit and always be prepared.

Melissa Cano from Medford Fire says people can prepare by creating an overall plan.

"An overall plan of what does the family need, who in their family might need extra assistance, do they have enough food and water," said Cano.

Residents should pack enough food and water for at least two weeks.

Another thing to also consider when preparing a kit - medication and important documents. Things that anyone can do without ever having to leave their house.

"Gathering important hospital records, do you take medication, do you know where you can get refills," said Cano.

Traveling is also something to take into consideration. Roads may be non-existent.

"Playing the "what if" scenario for every single hazard and also making sure you know where you need to evacuate if you need to," said Cano.

The Citizens Alert is a great way to stay informed of any emergencies and evacuations taking place to help better prepare for emergencies.

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