The Quiet Helpers: Biologists conduct Lamprey study to help preserve species

EWEB partnering with Biologists to conduct Lamprey study (SBG).

LANE COUNTY, Ore. - Eugene Water and Electric Board is partnering with biologists all around the state to try and find a way to save Lampreys, an eel-like species that is important to rivers all around the Pacific Northwest.

They're a species that you might not be too familiar with, but Lampreys have been an important part of the Pacific northwest, now closely being watched by biologists, like Joe Skalicky.

Skalicky is leading a team of biologists to try and find ways to best preserve these species in case of an emergency drawdown at a reservoir.

"We can lower the level of the lake really slowly, and that will allow the biologists to study the best way to salvage and save these Lamprey as we draw the lake down," said Joe Hardwood, with EWEB.

Hardwood says that drawdowns of reservoirs usually happen unexpectedly, causing Lampreys to get stranded and sometimes die. This time, the drawdown will be controlled.

"At some point here in the future, we are going to have to remove some of the silt that is built up above the Leaburg Dam, and that silt build-up interferes with migrating salmon when they are comingup the fish ladder," said Hardwood.

This gives the opportunity for biologists to try to find ways to restore species in the near future.

According to biologists, they hope to have data and results on drawdown impact on Lampreys later this year.

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