The Show Will Go On: Randall Theatre reaches financial goal

The Show Will Go On: Local theatre reaches financial goal (KTVL)

Board members of the historic Randall Theatre in Medford announced Friday afternoon they have reached their financial goal and will keep the doors open through the remainder of the season.

A social media post began with: "Dear Friends, Family, and Loyal Patrons of the Randall Theatre - WE MADE IT!"

"The outpouring of support has been enormous; almost overwhelming," Board of Directors President Michael Williams said on a Facebook post. "Many people have come to support the theater by purchasing tickets, and by sharing our story through social media, word of mouth, and by any means possible."

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Roughly two weeks ago, the financial crisis of the Randall Theatre was shared with the community. It outlined unexpected costs and consequences of the change of occupancy process. The Theatre said if they couldn't raise $20,000, they'd be forced to close the theatre permanently on March 21.

"It is difficult to find words that adequately express our gratitude but please know that in this moment of history for the Randall Theatre, this community, your community came together in a unified voice and said, “The Randall matters!” Williams said.

The Randall Theatre will be holding a "We Saved The Randall" thank you party on April 6 from 5-7 p.m.

There will be free beverages, snacks and live music provided by the duet of Greg Fredrick (of the Rogue Suspects) and Doug Warner.

"We personally cannot wait to see you all at our amazing downtown Medford location at 20 Fir St.," Williams said. "On behalf of the Randall Theatre Board of Directors, the artistic and production teams, the actors and stage performers, and all of the volunteers who give of their time, we truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

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