Thunderstorms move in at unusual time for summer season

Randi Burns, Aug. 9th 2017, (KTVL/Megan Allison)

MEDFORD -- There is the potential for more wet and windy weather in the days ahead.

News 10 meteorologists say it is late in the season for this, but not uncommon.

Thunderstorms tend to fall in the late spring and early summer. Usually the region goes at least 50 straight days without precipitation during this part of the year. This summer it's just under average at 42 days.

"Last summer we didn't really see much activity which is of course leading people to believe that this activity this year is a little bit above average. But actually we're used to seeing a good amount of days where we're dealing with thunderstorms," meteorologist Randi Burns said.

The region is seeing above average precipitation for the first half of the year, so the overall rainfall outlook will be dependent on what moves through during the fall.

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