Tiny Home Build-A-Thon competition comes to an end

Blue team carries plywood to base of their Tiny Home (Riche Garza/ News 10)

Competitors of the Tiny Home Build-A-Thon set down their tools Monday as the event came to an end.

All four tiny homes were completed as a part of the 37th Annual Southern Oregon Home Show at the Jackson County Expo.

The judging panel inspected the homes on Sunday around noon.

"Our building a future project with our Tiny Home Build-A-Thon," Builders Association Executive Officer Brad Bennington. "We've got many, many high schools represented. We've got four teams building for tiny homes that we're going to donate to Hearts With A Mission at the end of this."

Students from participating high schools throughout the Rogue Valley volunteered their time to build homes for the homeless. These local students served as the main workforce in the construction process.

"This is actually for a worthy cause, not just some random project," LOGOS Junior Dominic Millenheft, who was on the Green Team, said. "I'm actually doing it for my own pleasure, but I'm also helping others as well."

Volunteers said it was an enjoyable experience with hands-on work, different from their everyday school and work lives.

Hearts With A Mission picked up the homes over the weekend and are working to find a location and tenants for each home.

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