Toddler attacked by dog returns home in need of help

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

From Three Rivers Medical Center in Grants Pass to Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, a local boy has seen too many doctors the last couple of months.

Today two-year-old Jeremiah Frohlich is in stable condition, but as of now is not in a stable home.

His family is having to live out of a hotel until they can find a rental because they're not going back to where their nightmare began.

“It's really been a traumatic event for our whole entire family. His scalp had been completely removed off the top and it was a 16 and a half [hour] long procedure to reattach vessels on top of his scalp," said Serena Neve Frohlich, Jeremiah’s mother

This after a problem dog in Williams was let out back in December.

"They put him outside but without the mussel," said Athena Castellon, Jeremiah's oldest sister.

Castellon says as she put their youngest sibling Grace in her stroller, she says her worst nightmare happened.

"I heard the dog bark and then I heard Jeremiah scream...The dog was standing over him so that was scary and I didn't notice like the top of his head was gone until I saw all the blood," said Castellon.

She quickly charged after the dog, which saved little Jeremiah's life.

But the damage of a broken arm, a torn scalp, and an injured neck had him in the hospital for a month's worth of procedures.

The Pitbull that attacked was put down by animal control.

And while today, Jeremiah is back to doing two-year-old things, he still has a long way to go to make a full recovery.

He’ll be flying to Portland for one week each month for the next year to receive treatment.

If you or anyone knows a rental vacancy that may be available for this family email News 10 at

You are also able to help the family by donating here, or by going to any Key Bank, mentioning Jeremiah Frohlich’s name, and donating there.

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