State Police: Distracted driving causes multiple accidents on NB I-5

Multi car crash causes major back up on NB I-5 Medford (

A crash believed to be caused by slick roads led to multiple accidents on I-5 Southbound on Wednesday.

Oregon State Police say they experienced a serious ripple affect beginning on I-5 near mile marker 21 the spiraled from there.

Around 8:00 a.m. another crash happened on mile marker 22 involving two to three vehicles followed by another one also involving four vehicles on mile marker 23.

At just after 9:00 a.m. the final crash near happened at mile marker 24 near involving three cars.

"It was all related to the very first crash shortly after 8'clock and then people just not paying attention to traffic slowing down," said Sergeant Jeff Proulx, the public information office for Oregon State Police.

OSP calls it a ripple effect because officers had to respond to four crashes within a four mile radius.

"The first one he said he was blinded by the sun and not paying attention to the traffic," said Sgt. Proulx.

The second, third and fourth crash OSP and drivers involved say happened because drivers weren't paying attention and or didn't have enough time to slow and stop.

"The traffic was slowing because of the accident up ahead of us and all of the sudden he hit her and she hit me. Shot my wife into the dash," said Danny Williams, a man involved in the fourth crash.

William's wife was transported by Mercy Flights to a local hospital with a neck and back injury.

The couple was coming from Portland on their way to the birth of a grand baby.

"I was expecting to be in California in the next three hours, which is not fixing to happen right now," said Williams.

OSP says the crashes were caused strictly due to the lack of attention to the road and not because of road conditions.

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