Trail man donates bike to 90-year-old man

A trail man is donating his unused bike to a 90-year-old man who had his bike stolen February 6.

When 90-year-old Frank Lee heard he was getting a new bike, he was in shock.

Lee says he couldn't believe there are people who are so generous.

He rides a bike to exercise and also because he has neuropathy in his feet.

Frank was going to buy himself another bike but said they were all expensive.

"You don't meet people like that very often and with a very generous heart. We need more people like that, that's looking out for others," said Lee.

Since his bike has gone missing, he's been using his walker, which is hard on his toes.

He says riding his bike was easier for him to get around, and now that he is getting a new bike, he can do just that.

Arrangements are still being prepared but Lee should be riding as soon as next week.

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