Grants Pass poised to seize Copeland Sand and Gravel

Copeland Sand and Gravel (Marissa Olid/News 10)

Grants Pass based Copeland Sand and Gravel could be forced to close it's doors after 72 years of business.

The company, however, is not going down without a fight.

Copeland Sand and Gravel is in a battle with the City of Grants Pass. The two have been in negotiation for some time now but have been unable to reach a resolution.

The negotiations started sometime last summer when the city communicated they were looking to take their property to build a new water treatment plant.

From the months of October to January the company received no final word so the business assumed the city decided to look elsewhere.

Vice president of Copeland Sand and Gravel Jennifer Ausland said the city sent a letter stating they need to vacate the premises in six months.

"It's affecting a huge population of Grants Pass in a lot of ways," Ausland said. "We feel like we provide a service by providing landscape supplies and we are located centrally here in Grants Pass so it's just been inconceivable to me that this is where we are at this point."

Originally the company received a letter of intent dated January 2021 for the company's back two lots for a 10 year lease. Now the agreement has changed.

Other discussions included swapping lots with the city yard.

Ausland expressed her concerns and said moving in six months is an unreasonable time frame.

As a resident of Grants Pass, Ausland understands the need for a water plant but also wants to make sure they have a working viable option to keep them moving forward and profitable.

Ideally, the company hopes to stay in Grants Pass but the trouble is finding a lot big enough to meet their needs.

The business is willing to do everything they can to stay in business and are willing to make something work.

"We want a win-win solution," Ausland said.

News 10 reached out to the City of Grants Pass but their designated spokesperson on the issue, the city attorney, was not available for comment.

The city council is set to discuss the matter at their meeting on Wed., March 20th.

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