Trucks stalled in Ashland due to weather, delaying drop-offs

Trucks stopped on both sides of the I-5, waiting for the road to be open to them again. (Georgia LAwson/News 10)

Trucks heading southbound on I-5 were stopped around midnight by the Oregon Department of Transportation at the request of California transit and law enforcement agencies due to extreme weather conditions.

Some found spots to pull over in parking lots or side streets, others had to stop wherever they could find space on the road until further notice. The roads were opened back up around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, but the delay had substantial impacts on the people behind the wheel.

Parwander Singh, a truck driver making a trip from Canada to Hayward, California was stopped at 1:30 a.m. "I've stayed about 15 hours. I'm stuck," said Singh, who had been pulled over in a parking lot since. He was supposed to drop off his load today, but won't make it on time, and he's not alone.

Matthew Christiansen makes the trek from Washington to Redding, California once a week. He knows the road well and says snow on the summit can complicate things. "It makes it more dangerous, so we have to slow down a lot more because being in a truck that's gross vehicle weight at 80,000 lbs - there are trucks that are heavier than others - it's hard for us to stop. We can't stop as fast as a car can," Christiansen said.

However, like others, Chistiansen said he hoped they would get word to keep moving as soon as possible.

"We have a certain amount of time that we are able to travel and drive depending on what kind of hours of service that we're on," Christiansen said.

With different drivers carrying different cargo to different destinations, there could be a delay for consumers and business owners, but with the goal of safe travels for all.

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