Expert says local policies will have greater impact than Trump's

Students at Southern Oregon University walk in and out of the library. Students there were upset with the results of the 2016 election. (KTVL/Mike Marut)

Jackson County, Ore. - Southern Oregon University students reacted negatively to the election results.

"Devastated," Jacob Epstein said.

"Scared and I was disappointed," Anna Rad said.

"Pretty shocked," Everett Chappell said.

"Sobbing," Rebecca Bodocchi said.

A political science professor at Rogue Community College says future Donald Trump policies might not have an immediate effect.

"The new president's policies won't affect us on a wholesale level, that's not to say there's not gonna be a lot of impact on a more diffuse, umbrella level," Michael Torguson said.

Some policies from the former Republican candidates concern the college-age demographic.

"To feel like i might be threatened to have children and that choice can be taken away from me, I am terrified," Bodocchi said.

Torguson says when it comes to policies, locally elected officials have a bigger impact than the president.

"Between Donald Trump and Dennis Richardson, Dennis is going to have the greater impact," Torguson said. "Between Dennis Richardson and Sal Esquivel, Bob Strosser are gonna have more impact, so the more local you get, the more retail impact it's gonna have."

Torguson thinks one group that could see the biggest impacts - businesses.

"Trump is a pro-business president, or will be, and so he is going to release, relax some of the regulations and allow businesses to do business more, so that could affect the larger businesses in the Rogue Valley," Torguson said.

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