Two men arrested for marijuana theft


Josephine County Sheriff's Office arrested two people who broke into a building and stole marijuana.

Deputies say Donald Leiter and Trevor Landers broke into the 1000 block of Applegate Ave at about 4:35 Monday morning. The two males cut the fence and entered the building.

Once inside the property, they broke into a metal building that holds the marijuana.

The two robbers filled bags full of the processed weed, and left.

The building's security system alerted employees, and the robbers were located on the West bank of the Rogue River.

The employees confronted them, one of the males threatened an employee with a firearm and then both subjects crossed the river.

Deputies, along with Oregon State Police, Bureau of Land Management, and Forest Service Deputies searched for the two males.

Evidence showed the robber split up to avoid getting caught. But tips from the community about people walking in the area, helped authorities to catch them.

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