Two men spotted impersonating police officers on the road

KTVL / Jennevieve Fong

When drivers get pulled over, there's a lot of things going through their mind. In the heat of the moment, some may forget to double check the person signaling them to pull over is official law enforcement

Local officers are telling drivers to keep an eye out, after reports of fake cops trying to pull people over. Jackson County residents are reporting two men were spotted driving in an unconfirmed red Chevy suburban around the Phoenix and Medford area. Residents said the suspects had red and blue lights on their dashboard, pretending to be officers and attempting to pull people over.

Medford Police said similar incidents have happened on occasion within the last few years.

"Obviously, there's a lot of risk that are associated with that," Lt. Justin Ivens said. "It's something that when we do get these reports...we definitely look into. We try to hold these people accountable because we don't want this going on."

If someone suspects they are being pulled over by a person who is not an officer, they should drive to a well-lit, populated area before stopping and call 911. Ivens said emergency dispatch operators should be able to confirm whether they are official police.

Ivens said they should also look out for any identifying factors on the vehicle and a full police uniform on the person, with a badge clearly on display.

"We have really unique patrol vehicles with that bright blue," Ivens said. "Our cars and a lot of the Sheriff’s department too are pretty identifiable."

Anyone caught impersonating an officer is facing a Class C felony charge, with potentially up to three years in prison.

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